September 25, 2020

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Whether you have taps or a flick mixer tap over time these wear out and eventually leak or fail. Most of the time when a normal jumper valve taps leak its just a matter of servicing the tap ware. When we service normal taps we disassemble the tap completely install new heavy duty jumper valves. The o’rings are removed and a new o’ring is installed. The tap spindle is re lubricated to ensure the smoothest operation. The brass tap seat in re surfaced if required to maintain a seal between the washer and tap seat.

Ceramic disc taps are again a different story and are more complex in servicing. Unless a brand is know of the tap it is all most impossible to get the correct replacement parts. While ceramic disc taps are easy to use they a quite expensive to replace compared to traditional taps.

The kitchen sink is the most used plumbing fixture in the house. If a mixer tap is leaking or broken then it is handy to know what brand of tap it is. This i handy if the tap is still under warranty. Often it is cheaper and less time consuming to buy a new mixer tap instead of trying to find replacement parts. Replacement parts for mixer taps are expensive and sometimes cost nearly as much as if not more than the cost of a new mixer. After all when a new tap is installed it not only looks great but comes with a warranty.

Shower roses or shower heads become blocked by water deposits and loose there ability to stand up. This is very frustrating. Replacing the shower head with a new rose or installing a shower rail is the more suitable fix.

Hose taps are often over looked around most homes and do require maintenance. Many households have the traditional washer hose tap and over time they become hard to turn off and leak water. Our Sydney plumbers can replace the hose taps with ease and install the new quarter turn ball valve taps. These are great as they are very easy to turn on or off.

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