November 24, 2020

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Pipe repairs

Drain Faults and Solutions

Blocked drains are usually cause by a fault within the sewer or storm water piping. There are many different faults which occur but by far the most frequent cause is tree roots entering the pipework and creating a blockage. After the water jet has cleared the blocked drain a camera is used in combination to ensure that the blockage is thoroughly removed. There are several options to repair the pipework to make a permanent drain fix.


The image to the left is of a cracked sewer line in a driveway. The image is from our drain camera. This fault was relined and fixed without having to excavate the driveway.





Below is a video of the camera inspection after the pipeline was patched/relined. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO VIEW VIDEO——–




Drain faults can be repaired by excavating the drain and replacing a section of pipework. The section of the fault is replaced with plastic PVC pipe. This is the most common way of repairing drains. Depending on the location and fault situation most drains can be repaired this way. Take a look at the drain camera footage of several drain fault repairs which we have recently done.











Drain patching or relining

Pipe patching and relining  is the new way to provide permanent drain fault repairs. This method is used when

excavation of the pipework is not possible like under a wall or building, or when disrupting the surface above the pipe is not practical. Access to the pipework is required to fix the pipe.  A pipe patch or section is installed to seal of the drain fault. It provides a 100% seal to prevent future blockages at the fault location. Below is a photo of the drain fault and then a video of the patch afterwards.



Reflux valve malfunction

Reflux valves are a fitting installed in the drainage system to prevent surcharge from coming back up the line. A reflux valve is a fitting with a one way flap. It allows sewerage to flow in one direction then the flap closes. Old drainage systems had cast iron relux valves installed on them. Over time the cast iron rusts and the pipe and flap become rusty. The flap doesn’t swing as well as needed and can cause blockages. The pipe also becomes rough and catches debris. The only solution is to install a new plastic reflux valve. Below is a picture of a new valve installed. You can also see that the valve has had an access point raised to ground level to allow access to flap and for future jetting.

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A surcharging sewer drain in Normanhurst

On Tuesday Jill was working around the side of here house and noticed that sewerage was overflowing from a pipe. She called Dave from Drain and Plumb.

The best way to unblock this drain was to access the drainage from the boundary shaft at the rear of the property. The Drain lid was removed and a torch was used to inspect the shaft. Tree roots had entered the drain and was causing a blockage in the shaft.

The water jetter was used to remove the tree roots in the shaft and to clear downstream to the boards main line. The jet then was sent upstream to clear roots at 1-2metres up. A drain camera was used to inspect the drain. Several cracks and bad joints where located. The property owner was shown the condition of the pipework by the camera. A quote was then provided for the repairs.

The area of supercharging sewer was cleaned up and hosed down. Two days later the pipework was excavated and repaired so that the blockage would not reoccur and cost the owner more money. The site was cleaned and tidied. The drain was fixed and the client was very happy not to have any more drain faults.