November 24, 2020

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Plumbing photos

This page contains many images of plumbing fixtures and jobs. Browse the page to pick up useful tips and helpful information.

The photo on the right was from a job i went to in North Turramurra Sydney. The client reported water leaking from the base of the toilet. The toilet was a close couple suite so the pan had to be removed from the installed position just to try and locate the leak. The silicone from around the base of the pan was cut and the pan removed. What i found was a small split in the white plastic elbow pictured. The leak had occurred in the plastics seam. I replaced the elbow bend with a new brass fitting and the hoses were also replaced. The water supply was turned on and the joints were tested. There was no leaks so the pan was re installed in position. Job complete.

The photo below is of some basin taps in Roseville Sydney. The original taps were lever ceramic disk taps as seen on the right side of the basin. The client reported that the tap wouldn’t shut off. A Sydney plumber attended the house and isolated the water supply. The tap was dismantled to find the ceramic disk had cracked. Many ceramic disk taps have their own unique spare parts. The client was notified of the cost of replacing the tap in ceramic disk style and decided to install some jumper valve taps. A temporary tap was installed so no more water was wasted. New taps were ordered and installed two days later. The client in Roseville was very happy with the after hour emergency plumbing done to restore water to the home and minimise the amount of water wastage.

i Phone 5

There are rumors going around that the iPhone 5 by Apple will be released in 2012. Also possibly the iPad 3. Experts predict that the iPhone 5 launch and release will happen the same time as the launch of the iPad 3. There never seems to be a clear time frame or date of when the iPhone 5 will be released,Experts suggest 2012 will be its launching year nevertheless.

i phone 5 picture