November 24, 2020

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Hot water heaters are in every home but most people are unaware of their importance until there’s a problem. There is nothing worse than having a cold shower or trying to wash up with no hot water. Hot water heaters comes in a couple of different systems. Most Sydney houses have a storage type tanktypically located outside, in the laundry or car garage. Hot water is heated by the sun via solar panels, gas burners or an electric element. Some systems have multiple power supplies. When these systems fail often the tank bursts and causes water to flood the area. It is never a convenient time to have a problem with your hot water heater. At Drain and Plumb we have a crew of specially trained plumber servicemen to inspect and fix your hot water problems. There is always a phone operator and plumber on stand by 24/7.

Our Sydney plumber servicemen can install a number of different brands of heating system. We use Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Everhot, Vulcan, Bosch, Aquamax to name a few. No matter what the system or situation we have the solution.


Every storage hot water system has a TPR valve on the side. (SEE PHOTO BELOW)This valve is a safety device designed to release pressure from the system. The valve is also a safety device that will release pressure should a fault occur with the unit. Like all moving parts the TPR valve wears out and requires periodical testing and replacement. Most manufactures state that to satisfy the tank warranty that the TPR valve must be changed every 5 years. All our trucks carry a wide range of TPR valves to suit many heaters. On every site visit we will inspect your system and check the valve. If required our plumbers can change the valve replacement for you and keep the tank under warranty. Also as a good practice the date of TPR replacement will be written down on the side of the tank to ensure a maintenance record is kept.

From repairs to new installations of water heaters and even the latest in continuous flow and heat pump technology one of our Sydney plumbers can sort out your requirements. Our professional tradespeople and supply, repair and maintain a full range of hot water heating systems. Call us now on 0422465381 for service.

Drain and Plumb is ready for any job involving hot water installation or servicing. We attend many different hot water system issues such as leaking and overflowing tanks, to luke-warm or cold water coming from your hot water tank. Sometimes the client reports that the hot water tank seems to empty too quickly, or that water isn’t as hot as it used to be. This may be due due to sediment build-up, rust or valve problems in your hot water system.

Our hot water plumbers can help with emergency repairs, they can also save you time and money by increasing the service life of your hot water system through regular hot water plumbing maintenance. A well maintained and serviced heater will outperform and outlast a neglected system. By replacing temperature pressure valve and the anode rods on hot water storage systems the life can be greatly increased. After all the system is working to heat water everyday and most people don’t even think about it.


A leaking hot water system.

Robert called Drain and Plumb to come and have a look at his leaking system. The plumber met Robert at his house in St Ives Sydney. The old unit was down the side of the house in a jungle like area. The unit was leaking from the tank and required replacement.  The plumber instructed Robert that a similar tank to the existing is a Rheem Stella storage system that comes with a 5 star energy rating. Robert agreed and the job was approved.

The old hot water tank model had been installed all over Sydney but it was time for retirement. The old tank was drained and removed to the tip. The new heater was sourced from suppliers and installed in the same position. The tank was secured to the wall and all pipework tested. The system was lit and tested. Robert saw the job and was very happy with his new energy efficient heater


No Hotwater

Amy came home to her house in Pymble Sydney on Friday evening. She went for a shower to discover that there was no hot water. Amy called her plumber from Drain and Plumb. An appointment was made for that evening to assess the problem.

The plumber met Amy and went to have a look at the heater system. The heater was a Rheem Stella 160 litre gas storage unit. The system was 11 years old and was still in great condition. But with everything parts can wear out and require replacement.  The pilot light would not stay on and therefor the main burner would not light. This was causing the tank not to heat.

A replacement part was installed and the system tested. The pilot light was relit and the main burner switched on.  Amy had hot water to have a shower within the hour. Amy was pleased that the problem was fixed.


Rheem kitchen hot water

Warm water only

Jane from an apartment in Turramurra Sydney called Drain and Plumb on Monday because she was having a shower and only getting luke warm water. When she wanted hot water from any of the fixtures it still was only warm water. An appointment was arranged with a plumber.

The plumber arrived and met with Jane. The problem was discussed at length to gather as much information. The plumber checked the hot water unit which was a Rinnai 26 instantaneous unit. The unit was operating ok. The next check was on the tempering valve. The valve was found to be faulty.  The plumber went to Pymble to source a new valve and returned to install it. All taps where tested and checked and all were now producing strong hot water.

Jane was so relieved that she had hot water again. She said she will recommend Drain and Plumb to her friends in Pymble, Wahroonga and Warrawee.

A cold winter shower

Dan from South Turramurra Sydney went to have a shower before work but only had cold water. Dan called Dave from Drain and Plumb to fix the problem.

The heater was inspected by the plumber and found the tank to be in great condition. The element and thermostat where tested after isolating the power supply. The test confirmed that the element had failed and required replacement. It is a good practice to replace the thermostat at the same time as it can easily become damaged from the faulty element. The plumber installed the new parts and turned the power back on. The tank then started to heat. The plumber also notified Dan that the TPR valve was 6 years old and that it is a requirement of the tank manufacturer to replace the valve at 5 year intervals. Dan didn’t want to void the tank warranty and got the plumber to carry out the TPR valve maintenance. When this is done it is a good idea to write down on the side of the tank the date the valve was replaced. That way the valve install date is noted and the maintenance schedule of the tank is recorded.

Dan also asked the plumber to fix a leaking tap in the back garden. The old hose tap was very hard to turn off and was dripping constantly. The water supply was isolated and a new quarter turn hose tap was installed.

Running out of hot water

Anne from Roseville called us because she was looking for a great Sydney plumber. Anne reported that her hot water was running out much quicker than usual. Sometimes it was luke warm and other times stone cold. The plumber attended the house in Roseville Sydney to inspect the hot water heater. Anne owns a Rheem 400 litre storage tank. The tank was tested and was found to be leaking badly from a faulty TPR valve. The valve was due for replacement after 10 years ago as the heater is now 15 years old. The old valve had failed and was letting water out continuously so the heater wasnt able to hold water and heat it. The valve was replaced and tested. The installation date was noted on the side of the system. The rest of the unit was inspected and was ok.

Anne was asked if she had anything else that needed attention. Anne instructed the plumber that her shower taps were getting harder to turn off and sometimes dripped. The water supply was isolated at the water meter and the taps were given a full service. The tap washers were changed,the orings,body washers and tap bodies were greased and lubricated. The tap seat was grinded to allow a smooth surface for the washers. The taps were then tested and were working like new. Anne was very pleased and relieved that she could now shower without worrying about running out of hot water or having a dripping tap.

Anne said she would recommend us to her friends in Gordon, Pymble and Turramurra Sydney.


Storage hot water systems require on going maintenance. Water heaters burst or leak from the tank because of rust.The sacrificial anode is the component that stops the tank from rusting. Replacement of the anode in your hot water tank can triple its life.

What is an anode?

An anode is an alloy or magnesium rod suspended in the water inside the hot water heater. Corrosion attacks the rod before the steel walls of the tank. Tank corrosion is the main cause of hot water unit failure. The life expectancy of the originally installed anode is what determines the length of the manufacturer warranty. Most tanks anodes have a life or between 4 and 10 years. Replacement of the anode in your hot water tank extend it life span.Replacing the anode every 4 to 10 years ensures full corrosion protection is maintained. Below is two pictures of an old anode and a new anode during installation. Maintaining the hot water system at your home or business will save you money and extend the life of your heater. Call Dave on 04224653851 to arrange an inspection of your hot water system.

Rheem 315 litre hotwater tank in Pymble

Barbra had a 315 Rheem hot water tank in her laundry which was manufactured in 1985. Upon inspection of the tank i found that the closest hot water tap was producing rusty water. I suggested to Barbra that the hotwater system is on its last legs because it was starting to rust internally in the steel tank. Instead of waiting for the tank to burst or leak and possibly causing extensive water damage it was decided to install a new tank.

A new Rheem 315 hotwater heater was sourced. The old tank was drained and removed. The new tank was installed with copper piping and union fittings. This is done to prevent pipes blowing off and also creates a quality water tight seal to the heater. The electric work was completed and the heater was turned on. The tank will be due for a service of the TPR valve in 5 years time.

Barbra from Pymble was very happy with her new tank. She now has peace of mind knowing that the tank is new and all the pipework is properly sealed.

Rheem lazer boiler unit

Jarryd was working in the commercial kitchen serving up many pots of tea. When he went to use the Rheem lazer unit it would not work. One call to the Sydney plumber Dave from Drain and Plumb and an appointment was arranged.

The hotwater unit was inspected and was found to have burnt out at the electrical control box due to a failure on the element. The cost of repairing the old unit was almost the same as installing a new programmable unit. The new unit was chosen. The old unit was removed from the wall by the Sydney plumber and the new unit installed. The new Rheem lazer was tested and programmed to come on at 7am in the morning and turn off at 8pm at night. This saves the unit from being on 24 hrs a day. Jarryd was very happy with the prompt and reliable service provided. Here is a picture of the new unit.







Continuous/Instantaneous Rinnai hot water system in Lindfield

Karen from Lindfield called to say that she was concerned about her gravity feed hot water system in the roof. Karen wanted to upgrade her water heater to a instantaneous flow Rinnai. 

The property had gas running throughout the house but the gas line capacity was not adequate to run the new unit. A gas meter regulator upgrade was organsied prior to installation of the new heater

The new heater was installed on the outside laundry wall. The gravity feed tank hot water system was drained and the pipework capped off. An Electrician was called you disconnected the power supply at the electrical box and also installed an outdoor power point for the Rinnai Instantaneous heater.

Rinnai hot water









Rheem 50 Litre hot water tank in Lindfield

Lynne called to report that her hot water system under the laundry tub was producing very hot water, she was worried that her mother could easily burn herself while using the shower.

Upon inspection by the plumber it was found that the heater was set at 75 degrees Celsius. The minimum for storage of hot water is 60 degrees Celsius. The heater was adjusted down to 65 degree Celsius. The heater was partially drained and a tempering valve was installed. The picture below shows the tempering valve with a yellow cap. The role of the tempering valve is to mix hot water with cold water to produce tempered warm water. The valve was tested and commissioned to run at 50 degrees Celsius. See below for a picture of the installation.

Lynne was very happy knowing that the chance of getting serious burns was greatly reduced.










This article is going to cover several topics related to hot water heaters and the hotwater plumber, especially a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney. We will talk about (1) the history of hot water heaters, (2) the importance of hot water heaters, (3) types of hot water heaters, (4) emergency action for hot water heaters and (5) care and maintenance of hot water heaters.



History of Hot Water Heaters


If you think water heated by solar power is a new and exciting idea of today’s world, you might be in for a little surprise. Water heated by solar energy was being used a long time ago, over 2,500 years ago to be a little more precise. Today one there is one of the biggest sources of contention between companies and business and organizations and even between farmers who are usually good friends. This source of contention that sometimes even comes to blows is all about water and water rights.


In ancient Roman times there were also contentions and arguments of water, and even more exasperating were contentions and disputers over the rights of the sun that heated the water. That’s correct. I said there were disputes over run rights. There is a record of a lawsuit which was settled by a judgment that actually ruled in favor of a particular party that asked for a building to be removed so that the area of that party’s property would not be shaded from the sun. Sometime after that in the year 600 AD the right to access to the sun were guaranteed by the Justinian code of law. There was probably a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney to help resolve disputes, maybe even a hotwater plumber Turramurra or a hotwater plumber Sydney.


Even though ancient Romans did figure out how build and use aqueducts to transport the water to and from their bath houses and then into the city streets, modern plumbing wouldn’t be available even on a small scale until almost the turn of the 19th century. Even then there might have been a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney.




As long ago as 600 AD up to as late as 1200 AD American Indians could be found harnessing the energy of the sun to heat their homes. The Native Americans who lived in houses fashioned in the stone of the cliffs built these abodes facing in such a way that they were more exposed to the south and therefore received more of the daylight rays of the sun. But approximately 1,000 years before that ruins in ancient Greece showed the same idea used in the construction of housing apartments there.


Other early measures taken to heat water by the power of the sun were used down through the ages. August Mouchet built a solar-driven steam engine in 1878 that was capable of pumping an astounding 500 gallons of water per hour.


Baltimore, Maryland, was one of the first locations to use solar hot water heating systems. This idea spread and in 1900 there were about 1600 solar water heaters in southern California, and forty years later people in Florida were using approximately 60,000 of these solar water heaters.


Today more and more solar water heaters are assuming their place along with the electric and natural gas water heaters that are now found in most homes and apartments. Today if you live in the Turramurra area, there is a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney to help you.





Importance of Hot Water Heaters


It’s pretty much impossible for most of us to even think of not being with hot water at the turn of a handle. We bathe, we shower, we cook, we wash the dishes, we wash the clothes. We sip a cup of hot coffee or a cup of herbal tea. Some of us even have hot water available to an outside spigot so we can fill the kiddies’ wading pool with warm water. We too often take for granted the convenience of hot water in our homes is for us. The only time we think about how handy hot water can be is when for some reason we don’t have it. Just think what your life and the lives of your family members would be like without easily accessible hot water. Until more recently than we realize hot water heaters just weren’t around and being used like they are today. The hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney wasn’t very busy. Fairly recent developments have brought us hot water heaters, necessary equipment, gas or electric or solar power sources to make our lives easier. Not only do water heaters hot the water for us, they also store the water to be used later.


The best hot water heater is a hot water heater that we seldom think about. It’s just there doing its job, year after year after year. On occasion we need to call in a hotwater plumber who is a licensed professional to service our water heater. When the water heater is out of commission, even for a short period of time, we begin to realize just how important it really is to our everyday lives. It’s the time if we’re living in a particular region to call a hotwater plumber. Hotwater Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney.



Not only are the water heaters themselves important, but so are the lines that bring power to our homes to heat the water and all the plumbing in the house that brings the water to the exact places it’s needed. And don’t forget the importance of the professionally trained hotwater plumber and the water heater repair technician that keep our water heaters in good shape. They’re all an important part of the picture.


Types of Hot Water Heaters


There are many types of water heaters available to home owners today. Some of the categories of water heaters are determined by the fuel source used to heat the water.

The most common source of energy for heating water comes from the fossil fuels, namely natural gas, petroleum, oil or solid fuels. These types of fuels could be used directly by the water heater, but are most likely used to produce the electricity that provides the means of heating the water. Other sources of energy for heating water also comes from solar energy and geothermal heating. These types of water heaters are often made to also use the backup sources oil, natural gas or electricity.


Some hot water heaters are gravity-fed, using a primary water heater or boiler that in turn heats the water in the secondary part of the system. This way there is a fairly steady stream of hot water supplied to the house.


A tank type of water heater has a tank in which to hold the water as it is heated. This type is also called a storage system type of water heater. Another type of water heater that is becoming more and more popular these days is the tankless or on-demand water heater. With this type the water is heated as it is used. In this way the tank of the water heater is not needed to heat the water and hold it until it is needed. A hotwater plumber can tell you that it’s a pretty handy system to have the water heated instantly as it is needed.


As you can see there several types of hot water heaters available today. A particular type depends on the source used to heat the water, whether or not the water heater needs a tank and the process by which the hot water is delivered. Whatever type of hot water heater you have you can rest assured that a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney can help you with any concerns you might have.




Emergency Action for Hot Water Heaters


There’s really only one thing to do when your hot water heater stops giving you hot water. Call a professional! Of course, there might be a few things you would want to do first. Check the power source to determine if there has been a discontinuation of adequate power getting to the hot water heater. Check the breaker box and make sure that you’ve not blown a fuse. Decide if you have been using a lot of hot water lately and the water heater just needs a chance to catch up. After you’ve done all those things, call a professional. Tell him exactly what the problem is. He may be able to give you some other pointers that you can do, but your best bet is just to make an appointment for him to come and take a look. You might need a new heating element or a new tank or even a new water heater. Remember that a water heater won’t last forever. The professional water heater technician or a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney will be able to tell you just what you need, how soon it can be done and how much it will cost.




Care and Maintenance of Hot Water Heaters


Like any other appliance in the home a hot water heater can wear out and not work properly. If untreated symptoms of some kind of problem will continue to get worse until your water heater gives up and refuses to work at all. There are several way to tell if your water heater needs to be replaced.


If the hot water heater develops a leak, if there is a partial or complete loss of hot water or if there is rusting and corrosion on the body of the heater, these are all signs that help is needed. Another consideration is that if the unit is between eight and twelve years old, it might be time for a replacement.


In order to stave off a costly replacement there are several steps you can take to keep your hot water heater in good condition. You can drain the water and remove the deposits and sediments that have collected there. You can test the heating elements or adjust the water temperature. You can even add a water softener to help reduce sediment and prevent too much build up. Often your best bet is to have a hotwater plumber evaluate the condition of the unit and advise you what would be the next step to take. If you decide it’s time for a new hot water heater, a hotwater plumber is that professional that will install it properly for you. If you live in either of this areas, call a hotwater plumber. Hotwater plumber Turramurra. Hotwater plumber Sydney to help you.

Tempering Valves

Tempering valves are installed to supply water at a set temperature. Tempering valves mix hot and cold water to make tempered water. Tempering vavles don not have a fail safe device. Below is a picture of a tempering valve installed on a instantaneous Rinnai hot water system.