November 24, 2020

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Drain inspection

What is a drain inspection and how is it done?

A drain inspection is done using a drain camera. The camera is specially made for pipe inspections. The camera is  sent down the drain p to view the condition of inside the line. The plumber can inspect the pipework and view any faults in the pipe line. If there are faults found then the plumber can use a locator which detects the sonde in the end of the camera. The locator can give an exact location of the drain fault at the camera head.

Why have my drain inspected?

Would you let a dentist work on your teeth without being able to see? This is very similar to fixing drains. If you cannot see the problem how can it be accuratly diagnosed and fixed?Finding and diagnosing drain faults can save you money,time and the inconvience of a re occurring blocked drain. When a drain becomes blocked it is usually caused by debris or tree roots in the line. By inspecting the fault the plumber can diagnose the severity of the fault. Sometimes faults are only small and would not require any immediate repair. Of course there are other cases where drain faults need repair urgently. Having your line inspected allows an accurate and truthful diagnosis of the fault. After all would you rather pay a plumber to guess where  your drain fault is or use the camera and locator to pin point the fault location. The camera saves time and money.

Can i watch the drain inspection?

The plumber carrying out the drain inspection would be more than happy to show you the live footage of the inspection. Inspection of the drainage with the customer allows explanation of the fault while viewing the picture live. Also we can show exactly where the fault is occurring and discuss several options to fix the fault.

How long does a drain inspection take?

In most cases a single drain line can be inspected and faults located within 1 hour. If multiple drain lines need inspecting than the camera requires access and to be moved to each location. The camera is light weight and small to transport.


Drain inspection video

Below are some videos of a camera inspections done of stormwater lines in Mosman.