November 24, 2020

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Burst pipes

Water pipe leaks and burst pipes. There’s never a good time to have a burst water or gas pipe. When there’s a leak its costing you money not to mention wasting resources. Our plumbers will be able to fix your burst pipe ASAP to minimize the service or utility downtime.

Our Sydney plumbers can install pressure reduction valves. These valves are installed to protect the house fixtures and pipe work from excessive pressure. Most people are not aware but all tap ware and hot water systems must have the incoming water pressure limited to remain under warranty. Reduced pressure doesn’t mean drastically less water. Call for an appointment with one of Sydney plumbers to fix your burst pipe or pressure reduction needs.

Pressure reduction valves are best installed at the properties water meter so it can reduce the incoming pressure

to all the fixtures. The plumber will be able to test the incoming water pressure.  Then adjust the valve to meet the pressure requirements to insure fixture and tap warranties are satisfied. When the water pressure is kept under the australian standard of 500kpa incoming limit it helps protect all the fixtures. When taps and valves are under constant high pressure they wear out quicker. Taps have to be turned off harder to stop the water and therefor require more servicing and cause more wear and tear.

Drain and Plumb recently attended a property that had made a claim against a ceramic tap failure. The tap manufacturer was called and a serviceman was sent from the tap company to investigate the fault. The water pressure was tested and returned a reading of 800kpa. The manufacturer stated that a maximum of 500kpa was needed. In this case the tapware was not replaced due to the taps being placed under so much pressure that they weren’t constucted for. The client made a booking with Drain and Plumb.

The plumber attended the property and also checked the incoming pressure at the meter. It read 800 kpa. The h

ouse was located even further down the hill side and therefor the taps may have been under around 850-900kpa of pressure. This would rise even higher at night time when the water pressure increases due to less demand on the network.

The plumber suggested installing a pressure reduction valve at the water meter which you can see in the photo above. The pipework was altered and the joints welded up with silver solder and oxy acetylene. The installed device can be adjusted so the water pressure can be reduced or raised. The plumber again tested the pressure at the hose tap and adjusted the pressure to 400kpa to allow for the extra pressure being gained as the water traveled downhill towards the house. The pipework was tested and the excavation was back filled.



If you have found that you have a burst water pipe on your property the first thing to do is to isolated or turn off your water supply. To do this you need to find your water meter. The water meter is usually located at the front of the property within 1 meter of the boundary. To turn the water off you simply turn the tap handle off which is clockwise. If you have multiple water meters for other properties look for the meter that is running constantly which would indicate you burst pipe. NOTE -be sure not to turn your neighbours water off accidentally. A picture of a water meter is picture here

Burst water pipe Chatswood

Allan from Chatswood called Dave from Drain and Plumb who is a Sydney plumber. Allan had noticed that the linen cupboard behind the shower was growing mould and the floor even felt damp. The water damage had spread right around the 2 solid brick walls of the shower.

Dave a Sydney plumber inspected the shower base and did a base test. The base was ruled out because after testing there was no leakage and the grout between the tiles was in good condition. A check of the tapware indicated that the cold tap had been leaking into the wall from the tap body seal. Allan was instructed of the investigations findings so far and asked for new taps to be installed. New taps were installed. The third check was a pressure leak test which tests the pipework for pressure drop from the taps to the shower rose. The test indicated that there was a leak in the pipework. This meant that the pipework was only leaking while Allan was having a shower. Again Allan was instructed of the investigation progess. The tiles where removed to gain access to the wall. The cement was removed around the pipe with a jackhammer. The leak was found at the tee piece as seen in the photo to the right. Notice the small crack running around the pipe.

The pipe was in good condition besides the crack so the best option was to re seal and re weld the burst section. The tee was welded with silver solder. The line was re tested by re pressurization and tested tite. The wall was cemented up. The bathroom was cleaned up and all tools removed. Allan was very pleased with Dave the Sydney plumber. Allan felt at ease knowing Dave was on the job.