September 25, 2020

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Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are in every home but most people are unaware of there importance until there’s a problem. Therese nothing worse than having a cold shower or trying to wash up with no hot water. Hot water heaters comes in a couple of different systems. Most Sydney houses have a storage type tank typically located outside, in the laundry or car garage. Hot water is heated by the sun via solar panels,gas burners or an electric element. Some systems have multiple power supplies. When these system fail often the tank bursts and causes water to flood the area. It is never a convienient time to have a problem with your hotwater heater. At Drain and plumb we have a crew of specially trained plumber servicemen to inspect and fix your hotwater problems. There is always a phone operator and plumber on stand by 24/7.

Our Sydney plumber servicemen can install a number of different brands of heating system. We use Rinnai,Rheem,Dux,Everhot,Vulcan,Bosch,Aquamax too name a few. No matter what the system or situation we have the soultion.

Every storage hotwater system has a TPR valve on the side. This valve is a safety device designed to release pressure from the system. Most manufactures state that to satisfy the tank warrany that the TPR valve must be changed every 5 years. Our plumbers can change the valve replacement for you and keep the tank under warranty.

From repairs to new installations of water heaters and even the latest in continuous flow and heat pump technology one of our Sydney plumbers can sort out your requirments.

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